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Terms for Buyers

This agreement by and between buyers of a timeshare on this website and Independent Timeshare Resales Realty Inc (ITR) owner of the website with offices situated at: Cuquisasatraat 22, Ponton, Aruba and to be further referred to herein as the Company.


potential buyers of a timeshare from/on this website do so with the full understanding and agreement of the following:

The timeshares listed for sale on this Website belong to independent timeshare owners and do not belong to the Company ITR. All information regarding the timeshares listed on the Website has been submitted by their owners and may contain errors and or mistakes.

You are able to purchase timeshares listed on this website in two ways.

1. You are able to purchase directly from timeshare owners who have advertised their timeshare for sale on the website. In such a case you will be dealing directly with the timeshare owners and all agreements made with the timeshare owner, with regard to the use of the timeshare being purchased, financial arrangements, the form of payment or any other conditions is between you and the timeshare owner; neither the company nor the Website has any involvement in this and cannot be held responsible or liable in the event any problem that may arise in your dealings. As a measure of protection, you can request ITR to handle the closing on your behalf of a timeshare you are purchasing from a private owner. We will then charge you a fixed fee of US $ 250.00; besides this amount, you will also have to pay the resort transfer fee. (If purchasing a Marriot timeshare, there is an additional fee +/- $ 100 that must be paid to Marriott when requesting: Marriott Right of First Refusal).

2. You can also purchase a timeshare through ITR, which timeshare(s) was assigned by its owner to ITR to sell on their behalf. In such a case, ITR will be responsible to verify all the information submitted by the seller(s) for accuracy as well as handle all the necessary procedures and paperwork until the timeshare is transferred into your name by the resort. The only other fee you will have to pay besides the purchase price and the resort transfer fee is: a closing fee of US $ 125.00 charged by ITR per contract irrespective of the amount of weeks being purchased in the contract.

You hereby agree to hold the company, its website, its employees, its agents and representatives completely free from any claims of any nature whatsoever that might arise from purchasing a timeshare listed on this site from a seller on the Website whom you contacted directly.

In the event you are purchasing a timeshare which is being sold by ITR on behalf of an owner; then ITR can be held maximum liable for any gross negligence on its part; to reimburse you your entire purchase price for the timeshare as well as all other fees paid by you in the purchase.

The Company and the Website exclude any liability whether in contract, by negligence or otherwise for any incorrect or misleading information on the Website. We recommend that you read the General Terms and Conditions for using this website, prior to purchasing your timeshare.

The Terms and Conditions outlined herein shall be governed by the laws of Aruba and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction thereof. In the event of any legal dispute between the parties hereto, in connection with these Terms and Conditions, the prevailing party will have the right to recover reasonable attorney fees.

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