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Advertising Agreement

This agreement by and between Owner(s)/Seller(s) and Independent Timeshare Resales Realty Inc (ITR) owner of the website with offices situated at: Cuquisastraat 22, Ponton, Aruba and to be further referred to herein as the Company.


Owner(s)/Seller (s) agree to post their timeshare(s) owned in Aruba on the website of the Company under the following conditions:

1. Owner(s)/Seller(s) warrant: that he/she/they are the legal owners of the timeshare(s) being posted/advertised on the Website and that they have the right to sell the timeshare(s); that said timeshare(s) is/are fully paid and are free of all claims and encumbrances; that said timeshare(s) can be sold without violating any rules and regulations of the resort.

2. Owner(s)/Seller(s) warrants that the yearly Resort maintenance fee for the week(s) being sold is/are paid.

3. Owner(s)/Seller(s) agree to post/advertise their timeshare by paying the Company US $ 25.00 for twelve months, for each timeshare week being registered/posted on the website. As a timeshare owner you are permitted to list any timeshare owned in Aruba on this website by paying an advertising fee to ITR. This sum may increase over time. Any increase will be posted on the website and will not affect owners who have already posted their timeshare week(s).

4. Owner(s)/Seller(s) agree that all persons interested in your listing(s), will contact you directly via the contact information that you post in your listing on the website. All negotiations between you and any eventual buyer will be private, ITR, its agents, representatives do not get involved in this and cannot be held responsible or liable for any potential liability which may result from this.

5. Owner(s)/Seller(s) agree to hold the Company, its representatives, agents and employees harmless against any claims resulting from any eventual dispute between them and a buyer of their timeshare; between them and their Resort for any reason whatsoever; between them and any finance company for any reason whatsoever; or any other claims of whatever nature.

6. Owner(s)/Seller(s) agree that prior to listing their timeshare for sale on the website, they are required to accept the terms of this: “Advertisement Agreement”. These terms form an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions for using this website.

7. The Owner(s)/Seller(s) acknowledge having read, understood and agree to the above conditions as well as the conditions as outlined in the “General terms and conditions for using the website” and declare that the information supplied by him/her/them is truthful.

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