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Frequently Asked Questions

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Timeshare Owners

What are my options for selling my timeshare with your company?

You have 2 options for selling your timeshare with our company.

Option # 1: You can have ITR represent you in selling your timeshare. You will be charged 15 % of the selling price as a commission once the timeshare is sold. You will also pay a closing fee of US $ 125.00 per sales agreement (a sales agreement may consist of several weeks being purchased simultaneously). ITR does not charge any listing fee to its sellers. 

Option # 2: You can sell the timeshare on your own and only use our website to advertise your timeshare. In such a case, potential buyers will contact you directly and you will deal directly with them. ITR will not get involved in this transaction. It is handled exclusively between you and the buyer. The advertisement fee that you are charged is $ 25.00 for each week you advertise. This fee covers the advertisement period for 12 months. 

Is there an upfront fee that I must pay when listing my timeshare for sale with ITR?

No, ITR does not charge any upfront listing fee. You are only charged a sales commission of 15% if and when your timeshare is sold by our company. In addition to the sales commission, you will also be charged US $ 125.00 as a closing fee. 

What is the commission that you charge to sell your timeshare?

ITR presently charges you the timeshare owner 15% of the selling price as a sales commission. There is a minimum commission amount of US $ 750.00 that is charged to you, if the 15% sales commission is less than US $ 750,00

Are there any other fees that are charged to me if my timeshare is sold?

The only other fee that you will pay is a closing fee that is charged to you. The amount is US $ 125.00 dollars per sale. This fee is for handling the closing and covers bank related costs as well as the costs involved in sending documents to you by overnight delivery.(The closing cost covers one or multiple timeshare weeks sold simultaneously and which are written in one sale agreement).

Why should I list my timeshare for sale with ITR instead of other resale companies?

There are several advantages to list your timeshare for sale with ITR;

1. ITR focuses exclusively in selling Aruba timeshares. This means that we are specialized in dealing with the many challenges that come along with this responsibility, better than any foreign company.

2. Because of our vast experience selling Aruba timeshares, we can answer most if not all crucial questions of potential buyers immediately, putting them at ease which increases the likelihood of making the sale.

3. ITR charges one of the lowest sales commissions on the market.

4. Our personal contact with the various persons handling the transfers of timeshares at the resorts gives us an added advantage when closing a sale. Our service is quick and reliable.

5. Unlike many other timeshare resale companies, ITR does not charge an upfront listing fee therefore we only make money if we sell a timeshare. For this reason; we work much harder to sell your timeshare.

6. ITR has been in the timeshare resale business since 1997, and has since sold and transferred timeshares of all resorts on the island. To date more than 2700 timeshares have been sold and transferred through ITR.

How quickly do I get paid when you sell my timeshare?

Once all funds for the purchase of your timeshare has been received from the buyer and clears, ITR will make payment to you within five working days.

How is payment made to me?

Payment is made to you by Certified Bank Check, paid out in US dollars. In the event you prefer a wire transfer, we can also arrange this. Your check will be send to you by express mail, overnight delivery.

How do I list my timeshare for sale on the website?

To list your timeshare on the website you will first need to click on the "green" button that says "SUBMIT MY TIMESHARE FOR SALE" then select option # 1 or option # 2.

ITR Realty represents you in selling your timeshare. You will be charged a commission of 15% of the selling price and also a closing fee of USD 125,00 

1) Create your personal account by choosing the  register option and fill in the registration form.
2) After submitting the form, go to your mailbox and click on the activation link that you've received from us.
3) You are now ready to login. Login by choosing the  login option to list your timeshare.

Advertise your Timeshare for $25,00
Pay a fixed fee of $25,00 for each timeshare week you'd like to advertise. All interested parties will contact you directly. No Commissions or other fees are charged to you.

How long do I have to list my timeshare for?

If you select option # 1, where you give ITR the timeshare to sell on your behalf, then you decide how long you would like to list it for. The minimum period to list a timeshare for is 6 months. Please keep in mind that the best time for us to sell your timeshare will be when the usage period comes around, therefore we highly recommend that you list the timeshareyou for at least two months beyond that period.

If you selected option # 2, where you are selling the timeshare on your own and only advertising it on our websie, then the advertisement fee that you pay is for 12 months. 

How will I know if we get a buyer for your timeshare?

As soon as we find a buyer for your timeshare, we will contact you immediately and inform you of this. We will then explain to you the procedure to complete the sale as well as the transfer of the timeshare.

How do I pay you your commission?

Our commission is deducted from the sale amount of the timeshare. After deducting our commission and closing fee, we will send you the balance of the sale amount.

What happens if I still owe on the purchase of the timeshare?

If you are still paying off the purchase of the timeshare, you must send us the name of the finance company that you make payments too. We will verify with the finance company the amount you owe and deduct this amount from the sale proceeds and send this to them; however we will first confirm this with you at all times.

What happens if I owe the maintenance fee for the current year or the past year?

Prior to making payment to you, ITR sends a request to your resort to confirm if there are any amounts still owing to them by you. If there are any amounts owed to them, we inform you of this, since these amounts will need to be paid prior to making the final payment to you. Any amounts owed to the resort can be paid from the sale proceeds, with your prior authorization.

What happens if a buyer puts a down payment on the purchase of my timeshare and does not pay the balance of the purchase price?

If a buyer does not comply with the conditions of the sales agreement, then he or she will forfeit the payment made thus far. In such a case the amount owed to ITR for its sales commission (up to a maximum of 15% of the selling price) will be paid to ITR. If there is any money left after paying ITR its commission then this money will be paid to you; after which we simply resume with the sale of your timeshare if we are still within the listing period.

What if I have any other questions prior to listing my timeshare for sale?

Feel free to ask any additional questions that you may have. Just click on the button at the top of this page that says: "Ask a new Question" type your question then click on the submit question button. As soon as we receive your question, we will try to answer it as soon as possible.

Timeshare Buyers

How do I begin the process to purchase a timeshare on your website?

To begin the process for purchasing a timeshare on this website, all you have to do is select the timeshare from the "Inventory for Sale" (found in the header of the website) this will take you to the various resorts sale offerings; click on the resort you are interested in to see all weeks for sale of that resort; then select the listing ID that you are interested in and click on the button on the far right that says: "Details". This will take you to a page with all the details of the timeshare. Once you have read all the details of the listing then you can submit a message to the owner or ITR (representing the owners) and the owner or ITR will get in touch with you to go over the procedure to purchase the timeshare.

Can I have the names of my children or someone else, placed on the deed as well?

Yes, most resorts will allow you to place the names of your children or someone else on the deed, as co-owner(s).

How do I pay for the purchase of the timeshare?

If purchasing through ITR, you will have to pay an initial down payment of 15% of the purchase price, when signing the purchase agreement. This amount can be paid by a major credit card or cash. The balance of the purchase amount should be paid within 30 days of signing the purchase agreement. This final amount is customarily paid in the form of a banker's certified check in US dollars in the name of the seller.

Are there any other fees that I must pay when I purchase a timeshare?

Yes, when you purchase a timeshare; you must pay a closing fee to ITR (US $ 125.00) for handling the closing as well as the resort transfer fee. Each resort charges a different transfer fee.When purchasing a timeshare week at the Marriott, in addition to the fees already mentioned, you must pay an additional amount of US$ 95.00, which is for the Waiver of: "Right of First Refusal" charged by the Marriott.

How much is the closing fee that I must pay to ITR?

At this moment the closing fee that you must pay to ITR is US $ 125.00 for each transfer. (The closing cost covers one or multiple timeshare weeks purchased simultaneously on one sales agreement).

How soon after I have purchased my timeshare can I expect for the deal to close?

After you have paid for the timeshare and all funds have cleared, your transfer document will be sent to the membership department of the resort you purchased at, for them to process the transfer. Usually it takes a few weeks for them to process the transfer of the timeshare into your name; thereafter they will send you, your owner documents. In the meantime the resort will send you confirmation of ownership by e-mail. As of sending you this confirmation, you are able to start making use of the benefits of your timeshare.

How will I know what the maintenance fee is that I must pay to the resort?

When you purchase a timeshare through ITR, we will inform you what the current maintenance fee is and if you have to pay this. Each resort has its time of the year that they send out their maintenance fee billing to all their owners; the resort will send you a billing then.                                                                          

If you are purchasing through a private owner, ask the owner what the maintenance fee is for the unit that you are purchasing.

Once I purchase the timeshare are there any other fees besides the maintenance fee that I must pay in order for me to use my timeshare?

Besides the yearly maintenance fee that must be paid, you are charged upon check-in at the resort, a daily government tax and energy surcharge and a weekly environmental tax. These fees vary depending on the type of unit that you own.

How soon after I have purchased my timeshare can I use it?

Prior to purchasing your timeshare through ITR, it is agreed with the seller, when the first year's usage of the timeshare will begin. Usually you can start enjoying your timeshare the next time your timeshare week(s) comes up for use.

If you are purchasing from a private owner directly then you and the owner must agree when the first year's usage will be.

What if I have any other questions that I want answered prior to purchasing a timeshare?

Feel free to ask any additional questions that you may have. Just click on the button at the top of this page that says: "Ask a new Question" type your question then click on the submit question button. As soon as we receive your question, we will answer it as soon as possible.

Our mission is:

“To bring Aruba Timeshare Sellers and Buyers together in an open and transparent marketplace on our website with the objective of selling as many timeshares as possible and with maximum customer satisfaction.”