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Inventory of all Resorts

Here's an overview of all timeshares for sale in our inventory.

IDResortWeek NrWDTypeUnitBAOCPriceMore Details
3081Tropicana Aruba Resort & CasinoWeek 32Fri-Fri1BR5557144,000.00Details
3083Tropicana Aruba Resort & CasinoWeek 32Fri-Fri2BR3526266,000.00Details
3104Renaissance Aruba Resort & CasinoWeek 32Fri-Fri1BR2323143,950.00Details
3120Renaissance Aruba Resort & CasinoWeek 32Fri-Fri1BR2519143,750.00Details
3055La Cabana Beach & Racquet ClubWeek 33Fri-Fri1BR243-DAny45,900.00Details
3060Renaissance Aruba Resort & CasinoWeek 33Fri-Fri1BR2136143,500.00Details
3105Renaissance Aruba Resort & CasinoWeek 33Fri-Fri1BR2323143,950.00Details
3122La Cabana Beach & Racquet ClubWeek 33Thu-Thu1BR213C144,000.00Details
3141La Cabana Beach & Racquet ClubWeek 33Fri-FriStudio134B144,000.00Details
3121Renaissance Aruba Resort & CasinoWeek 34Fri-Fri1BR2123145,000.00Details
3123Renaissance Aruba Resort & CasinoWeek 34Fri-Fri1BR2121145,000.00Details
3128Casa Del Mar Beach ResortWeek 34Sat-Sat1BR1428142,500.00Details
3144Renaissance Aruba Resort & CasinoWeek 34Fri-Fri1BR2515143,750.00Details
3056Renaissance Aruba Resort & CasinoWeek 35Fri-Fri1BR2349146,500.00Details
3114La Cabana Beach & Racquet ClubWeek 36Sun-SunStudio124B144,000.00Details
3130Costa Linda Beach ResortWeek 37Sat-Sat1BR3010146,500.00Details
3113Renaissance Aruba Resort & CasinoWeek 38Fri-Fri1BR503144,200.00Details
3143La Quinta Beach ResortWeek 38Sat-Sat2BR2105/2115286,000.00Details
3142Renaissance Aruba Resort & CasinoWeek 39Fri-Fri1BR2314144,000.00Details
3082Tropicana Aruba Resort & CasinoWeek 41Fri-Fri1BR5557144,000.00Details
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Our mission is:

“To bring Aruba Timeshare Sellers and Buyers together in an open and transparent marketplace on our website with the objective of selling as many timeshares as possible and with maximum customer satisfaction.”