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  1. List with ITR (Option 1)
  2. Advertise for $25,00 (Option 2)
ITR Realty represents you in selling your timeshare. You will be charged a commission of 15% of the selling price and also a closing fee of USD 125,00 


1) Create your personal account by choosing the  register option and fill in the form below. 

2) After submitting the form, go to your mailbox and click on the activation link that you've received from us.

3) Now login by choosing the  login option to list your timeshare.

Advertise your Timeshare for $25,00

Pay a fixed fee of $25,00 for each timeshare week you'd like to advertise. All interested parties will contact you directly. No Commissions or other fees are charged to you.
Publish your Timeshare for sale

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Our mission is:

“To bring Aruba Timeshare Sellers and Buyers together in an open and transparent marketplace on our website with the objective of selling as many timeshares as possible and with maximum customer satisfaction.”