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7 Reasons why you should list your timeshare for sale with us!


  1. ITR focuses exclusively in selling Aruba timeshares:  This means that we are specialized in dealing with the many challenges that come along with this responsibility, better than any foreign company.

  2. Because of our vast experience selling Aruba timeshares: we can answer most if not all crucial questions of potential buyers immediately, putting them at ease which increases the likelihood of making the sale.

  3. ITR charges: one of the lowest sales commissions on the market.

  4. Our personal contact with: the various persons handling the transfers of timeshares at the resorts gives us an added advantage when closing a sale. Our service is quick and reliable.

  5. Unlike many other timeshare resale companies: ITR does not charge an upfront listing fee therefore we only make money if we sell a timeshare. For this reason; we work much harder to sell your timeshare.

  6. ITR: has been in the timeshare resale business since 1997, and has since sold and transferred timeshares of all resorts on the island. To date more than 2700 timeshares have been sold and transferred through ITR.





Our mission is:

“To bring Aruba Timeshare Sellers and Buyers together in an open and transparent marketplace on our website with the objective of selling as many timeshares as possible and with maximum customer satisfaction.”