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The experience of our Timeshare Rental Team dates back from the initiation of timesharing on Aruba in 1975. We experienced the birth; the infancy; the growth and now the maturity of the timeshare Industry on the Island and are happy to still be forming part of it.


I always had a profound love for the timeshare industry, which led me to become one of the first timeshare sales persons on the island of Aruba. I started working as a timeshare consultant (which was the name given at that time to timeshare sales persons) at the Aruba Beach Club on September 15, 1975. I was only 18 years old at the time and wanted to work for a short while and then travel to the US to go to college.

It took a lot of effort on my part to convince the then sales manager; Mr. Frank Conway, that at such a young age, I was capable of selling a new product to persons who in most cases were old enough to be my parents. Fortunately Mr. Conway was not disappointed in hiring me because within a short period of time I became one of his top sales agents and at the age of 19 he appointed me as his assistant.

I am forever grateful to Frank Conway for hiring me and for all that he thought me. I am proud to have played a part in the development to what has today become such an important part of the Aruba tourism industry.


In 1997 our company started re-selling Aruba timeshares for their owners. Our first sales representatives were Jeff Cunha and Wendell Francis with me as the sales manager. At that time there was only one other timeshare resale company on the island. From the beginning our main goal was to aggressively market the timeshares that were given to us to sell. Within a short period of time our company became well known among Aruba timeshare owners and we sold hundreds of timeshares. From its humble beginning up to date we have sold and transferred over 2700 timeshares representing tens of millions of dollars.

Not long after we started selling timeshares we also started renting them and grew this segment of the business over the years. In the beginning we operated our business under the company of El Campo Enterprises Inc, doing business as: “Independent Timeshare Resales” however because this company also operated another business, we thought it best to incorporate a new company that would be dedicated exclusively to the re-sales and rental of timeshares. This is how the company: “Independent Timeshare Resale Realty Inc.” doing business under: ITR Realty was born.


In 2003 we decided to expand our business by entering the local real estate market. We acquired the prestigious franchise of RE/MAX for the island of Aruba. Unfortunately when the great recession hit in 2008 we experienced a tremendous setback in sales of homes, to our US customers. We went from selling about seven properties per month to our foreign customers to selling only two in a period of six months.

We knew we had a serious problem on our hands and immediately took drastic measures to reduce our financial exposure. It was also exactly the time to renew our franchise for another five years. Given the then circumstances, we decided it was no longer advantageous neither feasible to continue operating our real estate business through a franchise with all the cost involved. We then decided to develop our own brand name: “Associated Realtors” which we later sold to one of our agents. Today Associated Realtors is a well known and respected real estate company on the island.

Throughout the challenging times that we went through, we were very fortunate but at the same time immensely grateful to receive the moral support from many of our valued customers and in some cases even their direct assistance. It was apparent that the goodwill we had built over so many years had paid off. From that time to the present we continued to sell and rent timeshares somewhat low key. We have now decided to restart our marketing engine, to more completely serve our customers as we have been doing for the last 15 years.


Despite the present global economic situation, Aruba’s Timeshare Industry has proven to be resilient and continues to grow and we want to continue to play our part in this growth.

Give us a try and be convinced that we are your best option!

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